We’ve had Internet server issues lately at Monroe Publishing Co. and the I.T. staff is resolving the situation.

While they are working on the technical issues, the BlogsMonroe network has been down from time to time during the past few days. So if you’ve been trying to log on to the budget blog and saw a construction hat … that’s why.

This means I’ve got a lot of interesting reads that have been sitting in my bookmark list because I haven’t had a chance to get to share them with you.

It’s Saturday morning. The blog network is up. I’m clearing out my list. Here are some of the money blog reads of the week:

  • The Simple Dollar presents Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong. Trent got slammed by a reader because he’s blogging about financial matters without having “proper” financial expertise. My response? Those with business degrees most likely didn’t take many classes in home economics. And THOSE are the courses that are most applicable to today’s economic crisis.
  • The Simple Dollar also presents Frugality and Feeling Deprived. A lot of what I do that is considered “frugal living” isn’t new to me, it’s just how I’ve been living for years. I do feel deprived when I have to use those tactics just to get by, rather than to save money for a long-term goal or for something fun.
  • Me vs. Debt presents What do I say to get the company to reduce my finance charge? It does help you get to the right customer service person faster when you ask the right questions.
  • Personal Finance Advice presents A plea for kindness during the economic crisis. Look, this economic crisis really has hit a lot of families who “did the right thing.” Is it my fault that my home value has fallen so much  that we now owe more than the home is worth? No. My husband and I picked a good location, had a down payment and didn’t sign a funny mortgage. There’s not a darn thing we could have done to prevent or alleviate the situation except buy a home a year or two earlier … and I think we’d still be upside down in that loan.
  • Personal Finance Advice also presents Is inconvenience holding you back from saving money? If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to be inconvenienced. Sorry, I have no other solutions. Frugal bloggers like me can explain the details, however. Example: couponing takes time but it’s not that difficult to learn.
  • Gather Little By Little presents Delayed Gratification – a hard lesson for my teenage son. GLBL took the best approach possible in the situation. Most teens do not take any interest in money concepts until they see how money – or lack of – affects the choices they can make.
  • Being Frugal presents The limits of my frugality. Here’s the point: have a very limited list of items that you are willing to spend real money on. Then be frugal elsewhere in your life so you come out ahead in the long run.
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