WTVG 13abc in Toledo, Ohio, has been running a coupon series this week.

Their featured experts include Jenny Baumgartner, who writes a grocery savings column for the Putnam County Voice and hosts the Northwest Ohio Coupons blog with readership in the Ohio / Indiana / Michigan area.

What are some of the features that Jenny includes on her blog?

Jenny is writing a very local blog for Putnam County, Ohio, as I do at Monroe on a Budget for Monroe County, Mich. However, I’ll gladly link to any Michigan and Ohio frugal bloggers, because residents of both states are dealing with the same issues and I’m getting a fairly large regional audience these days.

Now, as I’ve said before, I can’t put together an accurate coupon matching list for Monroe, Mich., or point you to a database that will do it. There are too many variables in my local readership area with overlapping Sunday newspaper circulations and grocery promotions that might be found in one nearby city but not the other.

But if I tell you on a sales report “check your coupon box,” that means I found a coupon in my box that matches up to that sale. The chances are pretty good you have that coupon match too.

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