This post is for my readers in Monroe County, Mich.:

The list of rummage sales, non-profit garage sales and Mom 2 Mom sales on file with The Monroe Evening News keeps growing.

The Ida Area Garage Sale has now been announced for May 16. If you live in or near Ida and want to be on the list, you need to sign up at the Ida Branch Library by May 11.

Here are the local sale notices now through May 31.

In the meantime, I told someone today about garage sale season starting in Monroe County. He gave me his tip for favorite bargain at a garage sale: exercise equipment.

At that point, his co-worker started specifying exactly what exercise equipment she’d like, if he happened to find it. He wrote down her phone number so he can call her with a report if needed.

And my best garage sale finds in recent years have been craft supplies.

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