Another blog I’m adding to my blogroll is Saving Money in Toledo.

Melanie is doing coupon matchups for Meijer, Giant Eagle and the Kroger stores in the Toledo area.

No, I do not do coupon matchups. I don’t plan to. I also don’t promote national coupon matching sites. Reason: they don’t work for my local audience. Monroe County, Mich., has too many complications because of overlapping circulations from the Toledo, Detroit and Monroe newspapers — in addition to multiple marketing districts that are in effect for the area Kroger and Kmart stores.

But I am glad to see other regional money-saving blogs on the web, so I’m adding her to my Ohio blogroll.

According to Melanie’s posts, she ran a coupon class a few days ago in Sylvania, Ohio.

I also have been doing programs this year in the Monroe and Toledo areas on frugal living and grocery shopping tips. The two events I’ve done that could be called a coupon class were arranged through Monroe Community Education. I will post my appearances as they get announced, but it will be after the holidays before I’m out and about again.

(P.S. Here are my grocery shopping tips).

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