Donna Freedman has this idea at the MSN Smart Spending blog for the NCAA basketball fans: For March Madness, do good works.

A snippet:

Go ahead with the friendly wagers. But suggest that a portion of the winnings be donated to a local food bank — which can stretch those dollars through the power of bulk buying — or to reputable groups providing aid to Japan.

She has several other charity donation drive suggestions as you plan your March Madness parties.

For a status report, here’s the NCAA men’s bracket and the women’s bracket.

President Obama also has suggested charity donations this year from basketball fans on behalf of the tsunami victims. The White House blog has a link to his mens’ and womens’ NCAA brackets.

I have to admit: I don’t watch basketball. There are teams I root for if they make it to March Madness, but otherwise the sport is pretty much off my radar screen.

So you will have no predictions from me!

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