Update 10:15 a.m. Saturday April 9: CNN is reporting that a temporary budget agreement has been reached, but it is only through Friday April 15. This will be a developing situation throughout the week.

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The school lunch angle to a federal government shutdown is definitely of interest to my local readers.

Reason: The most recent statistics I have for Monroe Public Schools in Monroe, Mich., specifically the 2009-10 figures, indicate that 49 percent of our district’s students are on the free or reduced-price school lunch program.

It looks like that service will run as usual.

The Federal Eye blog at Washington Post is reporting this about school lunches:

We have no information at all to suggest any cutoff is at hand for school lunches or other longstanding federal programs in public schools. To the contrary: federal funding for public schools typically is granted to states well in advance of the time the actual expense is incurred. Tens of billions of dollars in grants were awarded last July and October–money that can be spent in the current school year and beyond. This means as a practical matter that nearly all federal programs affecting schools will continue even if there is a temporary federal shutdown. It’s worth noting, too, that the vast majority of public school funding comes from state and local governments, not from Washington.

If your kids are on the school lunch program, I know your budget is tight. If you live in Michigan, then check out the archives and blogroll on my home page. I’ve collected a lot of resources and money-saving tips with families like you in mind.

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