Andrea has a post up at So Over Debt that I think any job-seeker can relate to: 10 Things I Hate About Looking for Jobs.

This is great stuff. A snippet:

It would be really awesome if companies told applicants what would happen next. “We’ll take applications until April 20th, then we’ll start calling people for interviews. If you don’t hear from us by the 8th, you weren’t selected for an interview. Don’t call or email us because that will automatically mark your application for the trash.” Wouldn’t that be better than, “Your application has been received,” followed by tons of people sitting around waiting for months? Even a form email stating that the position was filled would help.

Here’s how she ends the piece:

What do you think? Am I being a drama queen? Do you perceive the same kinds of issues when it comes to finding a job?

Based on what I’ve heard from today’s job seekers, she is not being a drama queen! She’s describing exactly the frustrations of what’s going on!

The last time I was job seeking, I had my resume with accompanying newspaper clippings in multiple directions. As long as I knew my packet had arrived and was at the appropriate person’s desk, I didn’t ask any more questions. But I learned via those phone calls, for example, that my packet had arrived a day or two after someone had just been hired for the posted position at one place.

But one company refused to tell me via phone call whether my packet had even arrived! I had no idea whether to resubmit, or assume I wasn’t a candidate.

Six months after I started working here at The Monroe Evening News, I got finally got a rejection letter from that other workplace. It was obviously a group form letter because it referenced a trade journal listing “that many of you applied through,” but I had known nothing about. (Rolling eyes).

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