Would you like some non-candy alternatives to your Easter basket?

This might be the year to consider that option, given the cost of candy.

The Life of Lulu Belle has compiled a list of fun gift basket ideas that don’t involve candy, and her readers have contributed other suggestions.

Local readers in Monroe MI: Many of the inexpensive gift ideas listed on Lulu’s page can be found at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby or Crafts 2000. Although I haven’t had a chance to look over Target’s Easter items yet, that’s also a been good place to look as well for cute but small things.

The warning I would give is: watch your total spending. This may be a healthy alternative, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cheaper one. Specifically, it will do no good to get all creative about non-candy items, only to end up buying the usual quantity and assortment of candy anyway. It will be a BUDGET BUSTER if you try to do too much in both directions.

I did include some popular toys and doo-dads in my Easter 2012 candy and gift price book, and I’ll add more as I see them at the local stores. I will also have a detailed discussion on candy prices Friday morning.

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