The Monroe Evening News is hosting a cooking show with Relish magazine Thursday April 5 at Monroe County Community College in Monroe, Mich. Tickets are $15 and available online at the college’s web site.

I have clipped and saved quite a few of the Relish recipes since my newspaper picked up the magazine as a monthly insert.

But how many cooks do you know save a recipe or cookbook and never make it? Stop laughing. I do that, do.

I planned on recipe experimenting this spring anyway. My husband had bought a couple of tailgate party cookbooks that he wanted me to look at for when we have friends over, and it sounds like my readers are hungry for new ideas.

The fact that the cooking show is next week is stepping up my plans. I would like to be able to tell my newspaper’s guests, “Yes, I’ve made some of your recipes.” The only one I had made before was a black bean and rice burrito, which I’ve made several times and it is good. The other day, I made a chicken pot pie.

Here’s the recipe I picked out last night from the magazine’s web site: Toll House pound cake.

This was a great one for me to try because I normally have everything on the ingredient list in my pantry or freezer. Yes, I really do consider chocolate chips to be a pantry staple. I don’t buy sour cream, however, until the day it is needed; and randomly I was out of butter this week as a quick inventory showed all the sticks I had in the freezer were margarine.

The assembly was pretty easy.

Now here’s my fail point: I didn’t realize what was listed in the instructions as a “tube pan” is what I used to call an “angel food cake pan” and have since given away because it was never used. I thought my Bundt pan was what it called for.

The Bundt pan did work, but barely. The batter almost overflowed.

And while I try to be very careful with the floured cooking spray on that pan, the fact that this cake was meant to be baked in a two-part pan probably contributed to the cake break.

But it’s not a bad one, and recoverable for serving at home:

I made the cake in the evening, so my plan was to let it cool overnight and then we would eat some today.

My husband says it looks good, and he can’t wait to try it.

Frugal hack: After I put the cake on a cake plate this morning, I cut off about half, divided that section into four large pieces and put those sections in freezer bags for later. The cake I left on the plate was wrapped in plastic wrap.

It’s just my husband and I at home. Even when my daughter is visiting, she doesn’t eat a lot of sweets. A full-size cake or full-size cookie recipe is too much for us to eat while it is still fresh. Even a whole pie can be a challenge.

Therefore, I divide, wrap and freeze about half of my home-baked goodies, whether I make them or whether I buy them at a bake sale. The smaller pieces of cakes, and bags of cookies, will thaw out in a jiffy when you want a random dessert and have no time to bake or whip up something new.

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