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What could you have used in your tornado kit last night?

I usually schedule my tornado preparedness discussions in conjunction with Michigan Severe Weather Awareness Week.

That campaign won’t happen until April.

But tornado season has already arrived in southeast Michigan, and Monroe County had multiple warnings in effect last night. At least one tornado touched down near Monroe. Also of note: Dexter, which landed in the national headlines for the severe damage in that city and an impressive amateur video taken at a district park,  is not that far away.

Storm coverage from The Monroe Evening News is at and

In the meantime, here’s a thought for the budget blog audience:

What didn’t you have, that you could have used, in your family’s disaster kit last night?

Do some brainstorming and build your wish list as you think ahead to the start of tornado season.

Some of the items that are commonly recommended for disaster kits are coupon-friendly such as batteries, or tend to go on store promotions in the spring because they are considered camping or picnic supplies. If you have a wish list for your disaster kit, then you’ll know what to snap up when you see those good prices.

If you want to see a list of items that one can put in such a kit for free or cheap, look up the post I wrote last year on building a disaster kit on a tight budget.

One of the themes I’ll have during this year’s severe weather preparedness campaign topics is on what to eat when the power goes out. My mom found another cookbook recently on that theme, and I loved the menu ideas that were listed!

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  1. Mom
    14 mos ago

    Maps of your area are usually free from your local City/County Engineer’s office and from MDOT/ODOT or whatever your DOT is. I am continually amazed at the people who post on TV station FB who obviously have NO idea about their local geography. Besides keeping track of storms and where they are headed, they are useful if you need to evacuate from your home. And “free” sure is frugal.