It is common for bloggers to receive money or other compensation in exchange for a sponsored post or affiliate link. The social media guideline that makes such arrangements acceptable is that disclosure must be made that this was done.

I follow traditional journalism guidelines, and therefore I don’t mix advertising and editorial content. I work as a reporter at The Monroe Evening News, and Monroe on a Budget is part of my newsroom duties. That background is clearly explained in my “about” section.

To make my affiliation even more clear under social media protocols, I have listed The Monroe Evening News as “my sponsor” in my blogroll.

But if you host a freelance blog and are wondering how to earn money or other perks through publicity contracts with businesses, you’ll want to read up on the expertise gathered by those who have successfully navigated that field.

These two articles will give you a good idea of what to expect under, and how to handle, such situations:

High Tech Dad started the conversation with 10 ways brands can work more effectively with top-tier bloggers.

MomCrunch then has 10 ways bloggers can work more effectively with top brands.

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