Zillow has a nifty interactive map feature in which you can type in a location or zip code to find out how many homes in that area have mortgages whose amounts are more than the house is currently worth – the so-called “underwater” situation.

The chart is based on Zillow’s first quarter 2012 data.

The following zip codes of interest to my local readers check in at among the highest 10 percent in the nation:

  • Toledo OH 43611 zip code (this area includes Point Place): 54 percent.
  • Brownstown Township MI 48173 zip code: 53 percent.
  • Milan MI 48160 zip code: 49 percent.

The following zip codes check in at among the highest 20 percent in the nation:

  • Monroe MI / Monroe Township 48161 zip code: 40 percent.
  • Monroe MI / Frenchtown Township 48162 zip code: 42 percent.
  • Maybee MI 48159 zip code: 44 percent.
  • Dundee MI 48131 zip code: 41 percent.

Other random zip code checks of interest:

  • Carleton MI 48117 zip code: 37 percent.
  • LaSalle MI 48145 zip code: 35 percent.
  • Temperance MI 48182 zip code: 26 percent.
  • Ottawa Lake MI 49268 zip code: 20 percent.
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