I focused on college topics for much of the summer, specifically with my student loan special project.

I expect this to continue through the fall as discussions ramp up in the Monroe County, Mich., area in regards to college access, preventing dropouts and getting students to their degrees. In fact, my newspaper column today for The Monroe Evening News, and next week’s, both discuss college-related topics.

Free Money Finance has a post that fits in very well with that theme: When it comes to college, begin with the end in mind.

Here’s a snippet from a very well-thought out article:

What companies recruit and hire at a given school for the career my student is pursuing?

What does the college do to help students get jobs in this field at graduation?

Does the college have a large and active network of supporters and alumni that will help the student get a job in this field?

What is the employment rate of grads from this college in this field six (or three) months after graduation?

What are the starting salaries of graduates from this college in this field?

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