The National Retail Federation has issued its annual Halloween consumer survey. I had to download the entire report to find the numbers I’m looking for, but I have them now.

NRF is reporting a record number of Americans – seven in ten – will celebrate Halloween in some fashion this year. Of those who will celebrate the season, the numbers work out like this:

  • Dress in costume: 45 percent.
  • Dress your pet in costume: 15.1 percent.
  • Throw or attend a party: 36.2 percent.
  • Hand out candy: 75.7 percent.
  • Carve a pumpkin: 50.3 percent.
  • Visit a haunted house: 24.9 percent.
  • Take children trick-or-treating: 33.2 percent.
  • Decorate the home or yard: 51.4 percent.

The adult, children and pet costume expenses were added up into one spending figure, but worked out to an average of $43.60 expected by those buying costumes.

That’s a reasonable budget, from the research I did when writing the Halloween costume newspaper column for The Monroe Evening News. That amount of money would get you two or three children’s “ready to wear” costumes at retail, based on the prices I’m seeing in Monroe this year; or be enough to buy the fabric and patterns to make two costumes from scratch.

The candy purchases, again specifically to those who are buying candy, were reported to be an average $24.25 expected to be spent.

But the NRF’s estimate on the candy cost will be on the low range for many Monroe-area families.

I have an update written on my popular “cost of candy” discussions from last year and will post that soon. But even with the best available prices or couponing tricks, and I’ve been tracking the prices, that amount of money would purchase only about 200 to 250 pieces of funsize chocolates. And that amount of candy won’t be enough for many of you.

I need 300 pieces of candy to last during trick-or-treat time, and I live on a side street that doesn’t get as much traffic as some blocks. I’m also not involved with any trunk or treat or kids’ parties.

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