In the 1980s, I was given a “gift in a jar” recipe for what was called Bavarian Mint Coffee Mix. I thought it was pretty good and kept the recipe.

In 2005, my daughter and I looked over that recipe and updated it for modern tastes. Reason: people now expect more flavor from their coffee shop treats.

We call our version “Christmas coffee mix.”

This year, the coffee batch is for my daughter and I, and also for hostess gifts as needed. I have used it in the past as a cookie swap contribution; and also sent a link to my recipe during a bloggers’ cookie recipe exchange.

The recipe is:

  • 1/4 cup nondairy coffee creamer.
  • 1/4 cup Splenda or sugar (Either one works fine).
  • 1/4 cup instant coffee.
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder (You can use either regular cocoa or dark cocoa. Dark cocoa is awesome, by the way).
  • 2 tablespoons crushed peppermint candy.

Combine all ingredients, store in airtight container. This amount as listed fills a one-cup / half-pint container. Use 2 rounded teaspoons per 8 ounces boiling water and serve with Christmas cookies!

As you may have noticed, this is NOT a cheap recipe to make. You can cut the cost with store brands on creamer, sugar or sweetener, or the coffee. I have always bought Hershey brand cocoa, however.

If you already have glass canning jars (which are a pretty way to present it), you need only buy the lids. However, I cleared out my glass jars earlier this year for lack of space to put things during our home renovations, and had to buy a new box for this year’s coffee mix.

How do you get crushed peppermint candy?

I recommend getting the biggest candy sticks you can find. I am not pleased with the results from the  smaller candy canes. The ones I bought this year are from Walgreens.

Then break them into a zippy bag, smash outside of bag with hammer so that candy is in tiny pieces.

Smash, smash, smash!

And this is what the mix looks like in the bowl, before I grabbed the funnel to start pouring it into jars:

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