You may remember a post I wrote this spring about my pretty new tote bag that I called my “reporter bag.” It cost only $35 and was found at Target. It was designed to carry both a laptop and personal items.

The problem I ran into is one that many moms run into with their children’s bookbags. And it is this:

The pretty bag didn’t hold up to everyday use.

Here’s some of the stuff that needs to stay in my reporter bag, and that doesn’t include a laptop or cell phone. The little black case you see on top of the notebook is my video camera. I also don’t have an iPad yet, but it’s possible I’ll get one.

I’ve owned several cloth messenger bags that lasted two years each before I replaced them. So I’m not interested in wasting money on a totes that don’t last even six months. I wanted a sturdy replacement, just as a mom would want a sturdy bookbag for her kids.

This is what I found today at Staples: a pink Buxton “Regina Tote” for about $75.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money.

But it’s a better alternative than buying bags that fall apart too fast.

A very helpful clerk saw me looking at the business bags and pointed me to brands and features that would be appropriate when she realized I carry around electronics to business appointments.

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