eCollegeFinder has compiled a list of Top Finance Blogs, and you’ll recognize many of the names on the list.

Monroe on a Budget is included in the roundup, where you can read some great advice from my colleagues and I on the question: “What is the best way for college students to stay financially fit?”

Here’s my bio and reply:

Monroe on a Budget

Monroe on a Budget is a financial blog written by Paula Wethington, a reporter and columnist for The Monroe Evening News in Monroe, Mich. Recurring features include how to find the scholarships that southeast Michigan students really do earn, the process of filing for financial aid grants and student loans, and how to handle living expenses such as a grocery bill on a college budget.

What is the best way for college students to stay financially fit?
The best way to stay financially fit as a student is to graduate with the intended degree in a timely manner. This will require getting good grades in your classes so that the credits count toward graduation, and that scholarships and financial aid remain intact. You also need to decide upon a declared major early enough in the process so that you don’t need to repeat classes or lose credits as a result of a change of plans.

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