There is only one coupon book in the Sunday papers today. It is a thick SmartSource.

If you are reading coupon previews that actually list off the coupons, do be aware there are zoning variances with this book. The covers and the codes between the books I received in my home-delivery editions of The Monroe Evening News and the Detroit Free Press are different.

I no longer take the time to count the coupons or spell it out stack by stack in my Sunday morning roundup. But if you get either newspaper today, I think you’ll be happy with the savings.

Trending topics in the sales fliers and retail stores this week in the Monroe, Mich., area include:

  • Vitamins, pain relief and cold and flu medicines. Many of those promotions are aimed at anyone who is suffering from the flu virus.
  • Pantry staples are seeing some nice offers. This includes pasta, flour, sugar, canned soup, dried fruit and canned meat.
  • Pop, pizza and party food are in heavy rotation in preparation for the Super Bowl. If you are more of a racing fan than a football fan, stock up during the Super Bowl sales for Daytona 500.
  • Lots of cereal prices in the $2 to $2.50 a box bracket.
  • There are some meat sales worth noting this week.
  • Valentine’s Day promotions are now in full swing. Do be aware that while you can still find $2 boxes of classroom Valentines, much of what is actually on the shelf are the “bonus” cards with treats or candy. The prices are upgraded accordingly.

Of note: This will probably be a week in which you need to “stock up” or figure out the logistics of a bundle sale in order to get the best pricing on grocery and drugstore items. Don’t panic. Just make your selections among items your family is likely to use during the next few weeks; and pay particular attention to things that will fit in your available freezer or pantry space.

Milk is $2.49-$2.59 a gallon at several stores.

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