I have a report on the Monroe High School Financial Aid Night program in today’s edition of The Monroe Evening News, and I’ll spin off links and followup discussion here and on my social media feeds.

One point that MHS counselor Nancy Monday made during the program is that the scholarship applications, when they are filled out during the next few weeks, will ask for grade point average, test scores and other details that are current as of date of application.

The example she gave is that if the scholarship asks for a 3.0 GPA, but the student has a 2.9, then the student does not qualify at this time for that award. It doesn’t matter that his or her grades are expected to go up at the next grading cycle, it matters what is current at the deadline and / or date of application.

Mrs. Monday also gave another example in terms of retakes on ACT tests, which is a common trend among today’s high school youth. The student has to list the most recent official score on the applications, and retakes don’t count until the new scores are sent.

Mrs. Monday didn’t mention the community service and leadership credits that many of today’s scholarship committees look for, but I was given a heads up on that situation when my daughter was in junior high school. My daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader encouraged all the girls to earn their Silver Award in the junior high years and Gold Award in the high school years, but she had this caution:

If the Girl Scout wanted to be able to list Gold Award as among her achievements in a time frame that would help her with college applications and scholarship applications, then the work needed to be completed by summer before senior year.

My daughter finished her Gold Award work in November, with the delay based in part because a key component of the project could not be scheduled until then. She got the verification from her advisor in just enough time to report “Gold Award project completed” on her college and scholarship applications, even though the pin had not yet been awarded.

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