Trending topics this week in the grocery and drugstore promotions for the Monroe, Mich., area:

  • Easter candy is all over the store shelves now, but it’s a little early to buy treats for the holiday unless you plan to ship a care package to someone. Do remember that candy prices have gone up overall in the past couple of years.
  • Cereal is still on good prices, as low as $2 a box before coupons in some cases.
  • Look for the meat sales – it’s not just seafood this week but also chicken and beef. Purchasing even a little extra will help cut your grocery costs in the long run.
  • Frozen foods are in heavy promotion this week. Be selective if you have limited freezer space! Look for the items that really are on noticeable discounts.
  • First aid items are on some special promotions.
  • Lots of 10 for $10 specials this week on “real” groceries that are rarely seen at this price point, not just snack foods. The lists this week are definitely worth a look.
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