Valentine’s Day merchandise is the biggest trending topic of the week among the retail promotions.

The traditional tips for saving money on gifts aren’t very helpful this time of year. There will be sales on chocolate boxes, and I’ve seen promotions on jewelry. But for all practical purposes, you either have someone to spend money on, or not. The frugal hack, therefore, is to find a gift that your Valentine will be pleased with – and don’t waste your money on random extras.

Do be warned that classroom Valentines are typically priced at $2 a box even for cards with no extras, and most of what I saw on the shelves are the more expensive bonus packs with candy or other treats.

One trend I do like with the holiday merchandise involves the homemade goodie line. Heart-shaped cookie and cake pans are a great addition to baking equipment, as the shape can be used for many years to come and for occasions other than Valentine’s Day.

Other trending topics:

  • Pantry items and staple ingredients such as canned and frozen veggies, cooking oil, sugar, butter.
  • There are 10 for $10 sales at some stores, don’t assume these are deals. Many of the items traditionally included in those lists are items that just happen to be priced at $1 anyway.
  • Baby furniture, car seats and equipment.
  • Cleaning supplies are in heavy rotation this week in the sales fliers.


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