Prom planning is in full swing in southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio. While prom dress resale season in the region has wrapped up, there are still tricks you can use on to keep overall spending down.

Here are the “best of” prom discussions in the Monroe on a Budget archives:

In the meantime, here’s our story:

My daughter graduated in 2007 from Monroe High School. This was during a year in which one of my co-workers at The Monroe Evening News did a feature story on prom fashions and one of the examples mentioned was a $500 dress. Yes, in 2007 there was a $500 dress in Monroe.

That doesn’t include a story my daughter heard on the radio that year about a $900 dress.

So my daughter was quite proud of how her senior prom budget worked out. Here it is, along with a photo just before she went to meet her date:

  • Dress – $137, Mom paid for it, sale price at JC Penney in Novi. Some girls had fancier dresses, but my daughter got many compliments on her gown. As a follow-up: my daughter wore that gown to another event a couple of months later.
  • Dress alterations – Grandma did the alterations, but it was tricky to coordinate schedules for fittings because we don’t live in the same city.
  • Haircut – $7.99, Mom paid for it, we used a coupon at a walk-in salon.
  • Hair gel and mousse – $4.75, we used a coupon.
  • Necklace – $15, she paid for it.
  • Hair jewelry – Already had at home.
  • Shoes – Already had at home.
  • Boutonniere for date – $5.85, Mom paid for it.
  • Prom ticket – Date paid for it, the ticket included dinner.
  • Transportation – Date borrowed his mother’s SUV, he and his friend spent a couple of hours cleaning out the vehicle ahead of time, and three couples rode together in style.
  • Makeup and hairstyle – Auntie did my daughter’s makeup and hair.

Prom picture

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