Is it possible to find coupon savings when your shopping list is skewed toward what your family needs or wants to eat that week?

Of course, it is. The trick is to bring your coupon box or binder with you to the store even on the “I specifically need this … ” trips.

This is what I bought today at Kroger for a total $37 plus five coupons that resulted in savings of $4.80.

We needed milk, fruit and yogurt before the weekend. I also was willing to start Memorial Day Weekend picnic shopping if I saw prices I liked, but I’m not going to finish off that list until later. We do have the menu written out; but I don’t want to buy buns, for example, until the day of or day before our picnic.

This is what I got :

Lettuce head, three oranges, four bananas, six yogurts, one single granola bar and two boxes granola bars, one pack Swiss slices, two boxes of 6-count gourmet burgers, one pound oats, three boxes cereal, two cans pineapple, two gallons of milk.

The deals included Special K, which was on sale for $1.99 a box if I bought three. I also had coupon on Kellogg’s cereal AND a coupon for fresh fruit if I bought cereal. Bonus: we really did need some cereal because we are running out. And while we don’t normally buy Special K, there are some flavors we do like.

Did you notice I bought gourmet burgers rather than ordinary ones? Yes, that’s a start on the picnic food. The piece count is more than we’ll need this weekend, but two or three leftovers makes dinner for another day.

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