One of the blogs I follow, since the topics sometimes overlap with my news media experience and interests, is Survive Your Job in Television News.

But the story told in a post this week, while written for a specific industry and the business realities of today, has a lesson that I think translates well to other situations.

The headline is What mergers really mean for ‘Joe TV Journalist,’ and it talks about the implications both of a smaller job market and fewer companies / managers handling those news teams.

A snippet:

I know a few journalists right now who decided to just walk out (to get a little revenge on “the man!”) and now they are really hurting.  You will be labeled.  You will raise red flags.  You will lose out on top salary options.  And yes, you could be black balled all together.  It really does happen, especially within station groups.

The strong recommendation: when you hate your current job, find another job quietly, give the two weeks’ notice, and move on. You have no idea how big the “six degrees of separation” circle can be, especially in today’s social media atmosphere where people tend to stay in contact with former co-workers and colleagues at other markets and employers.

“I landed another job ” also is an honest but respectful answer should a client or business contact ask upon departure, “Why are you leaving?”

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