This is an odd week for sales and deals because the July 4 holiday falls on a Thursday. Some specials are meant to get shoppers leading up to the holiday, others are summer clearance that will start after the holiday.

Here are some trends to watch this week, based on what I’ve seen in the Monroe, Mich., sales fliers and as I go about my shopping:

  • Camping equipment, picnic gear, swimsuits and sunscreen are starting to fade out. Start looking for what you need for the rest of the season while the selections are good, as the sales have started.
  • Patriotic tees and decor should be easy to find this week, but pick out what you like now as it is available only a couple of times a year.
  • Picnic food is still plentiful this week and this will continue for some time. The move to kid-friendly foods usually starts later in the summer.
  • Grocery sales of note include Hi-Lite in Monroe. Use the Kraft coupon in the flier for net prices that include Maxwell House coffee at $1.97 a can.



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