This is a really great question that landed on my blog this week:

who is the cheapestt food store in monroe county

The answer depends on which money-saving tricks you want to use!

For example:

  • Some stores require shopper cards to get the best prices, some don’t.
  • Some stores are tracked by national couponing databases that explain when a grocery sale matches up to a coupon in circulation. That being said, this particular trick does not work well in Monroe County because of overlapping coupon inserts and store promotions along the state line. In addition, many local stores do not show up in any national databases.
  • Some stores double manufacture coupon values within the limits set by their coupon policy. But some take coupons only at face value, and some don’t participate in coupon promotions at all.
  • Some stores have in-house email coupons or digital coupon programs.
  • Some stores have occasional senior citizen discounts, but most don’t.
  • Some stores send their grocery fliers to shoppers via the newspapers or mail so that you know what’s on sale. But not all stores advertise in that way, and some issue sales fliers only on occasion rather than every week.
  • Some stores specialize in bulk purchases or make them available as in the case of meat packs. This can be less expensive in the long run, but you need to do the math on that specific purchase.

In addition:

  • Are you willing to do some of the work in terms of repacking your food into meal-size portions, cutting up produce or other preparations?
  • Are you able to cook at least some foods from scratch? This is not a crazy question, as the know-how has certainly faded out.
  • Are you on food stamps? Then the cheapest places to get produce will be Monroe Farmers Market, Dundee Farmer’s Market and other markets that participate in Double Up Food Bucks.
  • Do you know how to freeze or preserve fresh produce?

To answer the question, then, I think the best approach is to pick three or four stores you like because of locations or selections, and then figure out how to get the best prices at those stores.

If you live in Monroe County, Mich., I did much of that research for you. Check out my grocery database.

Also here is a heads up: I have recorded my “Grocery Shopping on a Budget” class and the video is in the final production stages. If all goes as expected, it will be live and linked up on the Monroe on a Budget and The Monroe Evening News social media later this week.

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