Thursday is drop-off day for a lot of the exhibits that will be shown at this year’s Monroe County Fair in Monroe, Mich.

I have four projects entered in open class.

One is a scrapbook, which was completed last fall and so it won’t cost me anything to showcase. I’m not expecting a ribbon on this project, but, I could be surprised.

One will be in the small antique / collectibles. This won’t cost me anything to showcase as all I need to do is create a photo caption card. I think this entry will do well.

The other two are photography exhibits – and those are the ones that are costing me money to prep!

Two 8 by 10 prints from Walgreens cost a total of $7.98. I would normally do not order pictures bigger than 5 by 7. At least this isn’t too big to do something with later. I know family members who might like to have one or both prints after the fair and, if not, I’ll put them in a scrapbook.

But two frames from Hobby Lobby to fit the county fair photo exhibit requirements cost $9.99 each.

I also had to buy hanging wire for $1.47.

I have exhibited pictures before at the fair. As a result, I did have two frames of the requested size previously assembled and marked as “Monroe County Fair legal.”

Those frames were lost and so I had to start from scratch this year.



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