Readers generally don’t post questions in my comment board or even email them.

But they do type questions into a Google search that land on my blog and I can see those search queries. I can’t always tell what post they read, but I can see the questions.

One of the search queries that arrived early today was: “Are paper coupons going away?”

Answer: No, I don’t think paper coupons will fade out any time soon. Yes, I know about digital and printable coupons and use them occasionally myself. But coupons are an advertising technique, and advertisers will stick with what works.

The Sunday newspaper coupons are still the powerhouse in that genre.

Take a look at the some of the coupon industry statistics that I reported on a few weeks ago from the NCH Marketing Services The Mid-Year 2013 edition:

  • 91.1 percent of all manufacturer coupons issued are in the free-standing inserts that consumers know as the Sunday newspaper inserts. 8.9 percent are through other means such as in-store handouts, magazines, direct mail, digital coupons and newspaper “run of press” pages.
  • 52.3 percent of all manufacture coupons redeemed by consumers are in the free-standing inserts. 17.6 percent are from in/on package coupons and 13.1 percent from in-store handouts. Internet printables account for 6.1 percent coupons redeemed. All other sources add up to the remainder.

If half of your coupon usage came from the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, would you be so quick to drop that format?

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