This is one of the best times of year for frugal grocery budgets and “cook from scratch” efforts.

We’re past the back-to-school season, even past tailgate season. But we are still in fresh produce season and the pantry staples have started their fall / holiday season promotions. That means CHEAP groceries will be easy to find as you plan out menus for the next few weeks.

Based on what I’ve seen at the retail shelves and in the sales fliers in the Monroe, Mich., area look for deals on pantry goods such as canned soup, cereal, frozen veggies and pasta. You’ll also want to take advantage of these bundle sales where you need to buy multiple products. The 10 for $10 lists look pretty good this week, and the cereal plus milk deals are ones I always follow up on.

I have the Halloween candy price tracking in a separate post.

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