Fall baking season

The fall baking and homecooking season is in full swing. Take this opportunity to replace, update, or restock pantry supplies such as spices, sugar, gelatin, cooking oil, oats, noodles, pasta sauce and cake mix. You’ll be glad to have those items ready to go when a potluck call goes out or a party invitation is issued.

Bundle sales

Another noticeable trend this week involves what I call “bundle sales,” as in the promotions where you need to buy multiple items to get the deals. They work out really well if you are willing to follow the rules. The ones I like include the cereal + milk bundles.

Bring a pen or pencil with you to the store so you can make notes in the sales flier as to how many or which items you bought. Another trick for those sales that some shoppers use is to put the 10 for $10 0r “buy five” items in a separate section of the cart.

Reminder: you can use the bundle sales if you are on WIC or food stamps. For example: buy four boxes of cereal that meet the WIC program guidelines this week at Kroger in Monroe and Dundee, you will get the gallon of milk for free.

Seasonal items

If you are looking for Halloween candy prices, I am tracking those separately in my 2013 Halloween price guide.

And it’s fair to point out that Christmas toy promotions have started. I am way out of that demographic – my daughter is 24. But if you are hoping to get the best deals on toys, it’s time to start doing your research on the national sales and deals sites.

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