I made a grocery run at Meijer today. This was partly to get some necessary items before the snow fell and partly to get more cookie ingredients as it that will probably be my “snowbound” project tomorrow.


But this also was a good lesson in shopping the sales + what your family will need and use. There really are some terrific deals in the two-day sale that is in effect today and Saturday, much less the weekly sales flier. But not all of them were relevant to what my husband and I could use. I’d have to get way too many boxes of Cheerios, for example, for that sale to make sense cost-wise.

The stockup decisions I made, therefore, were based on what I knew I could use fairly soon or store until used.

I got all this for $64.14 plus two Meijer checkout coupons, one manufacturer / product coupon, and the MPerks special of $5 off a $50 purchase. Just about everything I bought was on sale.

The list:

Bath beads (I needed this for dry skin); two deodorants; 10 single serve candy bars (that’s how the sale worked, but the net cost was worth it); two jars peanut butter; two very large containers of oatmeal (can you say oatmeal cookies?); a small piece of ham; Bubba burgers (these are expensive, but we’ve decided they are worth the splurge); one loaf bread; one pack buns; one bag flour; one bag shredded cheese; two packages Kraft singles; one back Nestle chocolate chips; napkins; one pound butter; dishwasher tabs; parchment paper;  two gallons milk; one box waffles (a rare purchase); toilet paper (half off); and Starbucks coffee (sale price too good to ignore).

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