Would you like to know a little bit more about how and why I write the Monroe on a Budget column and blog for The Monroe News in Monroe, Mich.?

Mint.com has featured me on their site with a Q&A interview that turned out to be a very nice piece. Take a peek at Personal Finance Interview with Paula Wethington for Mint.com.

A snippet:

Reporter and columnist Paula Wethington started blogging about personal finance for The Monroe News in southeastern Michigan by sharing her own experiences managing her family budget, so she’s intimate with the subject matter.

When asked about the most common mistakes that families make when managing their money, Paula says we’re often not prepared to handle those expenses that pop up only once or twice in a lifetime because we don’t have the background to estimate what it might cost.

“How much does it cost to get senior yearbook pictures taken? You don’t know until your child is a senior and you see examples of a professional sitting. How much does it cost to buy a child car seat and how much time elapses before you have to buy the next size up? Those expectations and rules have changed quite a bit since I was a parent of a toddler more than 20 years ago,” she says. …

This interview is part of an ongoing personal finance profile series at Mint.com whose features also include:

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