By Paula Wethington / Monroe on a Budget

This cookie recipe has a story.

I work in the newsroom at The Monroe News in Monroe, Mich., where my duties include serving on the social media team.

In mid-December, I saw on our newsroom story board that we’d have a feature from freelance food columnist Kim Domick about Christmas cookies.

Oooh, the possibilities for that topic on digital media were endless! Within 24 hours, the digital media manager and I scheduled cookie chatter on the web and our social media.

The response was much bigger than we expected, even though recipes that are timely to the seasons tend to do well. Kim’s recipe dubbed The Best Iced Holiday Sugar Cookie became one of the top-read pieces on for about two weeks. Follow the link and print it off. It’s a keeper, and here’s the story.

I made several recipes from scratch during the Christmas season, but not that one. Traditional sugar cookies are time-intensive and I’d rather make various drop cookies that people know me for such as a molasses cookie.

Fast-forward to February, and I’m on the hostess committee for a Valentine’s Day reception at work.

My assignment: sugar cookies.

Since I was involved with helping to promote Kim’s recipe at Christmas time, I thought I really should make it.

I bought a heart-shaped cookie cutter for 67 cents from the Valentine’s Day aisle at Kroger.

The ingredients are all common pantry items except for the heavy whipping cream, which can be repurposed to coffee creamer and therefore can be made into a budget-friendly purchase.


I also already had colored sugar sprinkles.

I will warn you: this is a time-intensive process. The cookie dough needs to be refrigerated before cutting, so I ended up making this threat in three stages.

My first cookie sheet also was not too pretty, until I got the knack of working with the dough.


The butter icing (the first one listed in Kim’s recipe link) was easy to make and the proportions were a perfect fit for the cookie dough proportions.


The results: just under two dozen, tasty, heart shaped sugar cookies.



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