By Paula Wethington / Monroe on a Budget

I personally find Walgreens a tricky store to shop at, as I’ve not been able to become an expert at its promotion tactics and find the “must buy two to get the sales price” deals to be annoying.

That being said …

I took my own advice with the Sunday edition of The Monroe News this morning and made sure to look over the ads for stores I don’t usually shop at. The Walgreens ad got my attention because we needed toilet paper and the flier mentioned a brand of toilet paper for which there was a matching coupon today.

I walked through the store looking for other things we needed soon, paying attention to coupon matches and best prices. Randomly enough, a “must buy two” deal on the vitamins fit in with another need.

I took a package of toilet paper, one bottle of low dose aspirin and two packages of vitamins for $15.98 plus three coupons: a 50-cent coupon on the toilet paper; two $3 coupons for the vitamins.

That is less than what the two packages of vitamins should have cost on their own. They would have cost $19.98 total before sale and before coupons. Instead, I paid $8.98 total for that purchase.


I was given a coupon at checkout and also found coupons in the vitamin packages.


All together, my purchase earned me $10.50 worth of coupons.

I don’t count my savings until I actually use them. Here’s why: Some of these coupons are for products we don’t use (soft chews instead of regular vitamins), so for me, they are useless. They’re going into a coupon swap box.

There also are no stores around me that allow stacking of multiple manufacturer coupons on one product, so I will use the vitamin coupons I keep one package at a time.

But offers you earn on one purchase that can be used later are why some couponers call some of their shopping list recommendations “money makers.”

If the future savings earned is more than the out of pocket cost, you have a “money maker.”

While this occasionally can happen with food and / or a supermarket promotion, I’ve found it’s most likely to happen with health and beauty products and / or a drugstore promotion.

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