The grocery money-saving tips I give on Monroe on a Budget are not all on couponing. I also do some show and tell of “beyond couponing” shopping.

This scenario happened today when I realized I had time for a grocery errand; but didn’t have my coupon box. It’s been a few months since I went to Aldi, and I’ve noticed good prices on milk there in the past, so I headed in that direction.

Milk today was $2.59 a gallon. That’s not much different than the $2.29-$2.89 prices I’ve seen in recent weeks, so I picked up just one.

There was a frozen food sale this week. But didn’t bring enough bags nor did I have a quarter for a shopping cart. That was my fail point.

I poked around the snack aisle instead, knowing those packages would be small and light.

I took home one gallon of milk, one bag granola, one bag sweet potato chips, one box fruit snacks, one box French toast squares and one box granola bars for $12.94.



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