Kroger’s shopper card has a Community Rewards program through which you can designate reward points you earn to the participating school, charity or organization of your choice.

The procedure is that those accounts reset on April 1. You, as the customer, have to update your charity designation every year.

I have heard from more than one organization that receives Community Rewards donations that the donations they receive from Kroger drop off significantly every April because customers are not aware the program expects customers to renew their designation every year. As a result, there’s usually a flurry of email and social media appeals to friends and supporters this time of year, requesting fans to support them again. I saw one just this morning in my inbox.

All you need to do is get your account number, go to and log in, then update your preferences.

If you do not already have a designated charity, then type “school,” “library,” “church,” “college” or “cross” (as in Red Cross) as a keyword and you’ll find a large list of causes and charities to pick from. I’m sure you would find at least one group that you’d like to honor with a designation.

This costs you no money out of pocket – all you have to do is tell Kroger where you want the store to make a donation.


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