Monroe on a Budget is hosted by Paula Wethington, reporter at The Monroe Evening News in Monroe, Mich.

Advertising queries

Click on my “about” page for discussion and contact person on advertising opportunities.

Important point: I don’t allow advertising or paid commercial links in my RSS feed / blog content. If that’s your request, don’t even bother contacting me.

Email / phone

If you want to contact me, I’m at or phone call (734) 240-5745 during business hours, Eastern time zone.

I prefer emails over phone calls for initial contacts, because I have print media deadlines in addition to digital media duties.

Social media

Here are some places where I can be found and followed on social media:

User name  @monroeonabudget

  • Facebook – Monroe on a Budget facebook fan page. This feed focuses specifically on personal finance, frugal living and coupon topics.
  • Google +¬† Google+ page. I post a link or two ech week from the budget blog.
  • Instagram – You’ll find some of my just for fun photos and videos.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest page. I’ve pinned some of the articles from Monroe on a Budget, and also just for fun pictures such as my Barbie doll collection.
  • Twitter – This account wanders into just-for-fun, sports and journalism topics, but it’s also where I tweet the frugal and financial chatter.
  • Vine – This account is pretty much random topics.
  • YouTube channel. This is where you’ll find some videos I’ve produced; but most of my videos are on the MonroeNews YouTube channel.

User name @WethingtonPaula

  • Twitter – – this account is for local news out of Monroe, Mich., and is featured in the twitter widget at

User name Paula Wethington

  • Facebook – This feed is my official “reporter” facebook fan page and is meant for general news topics I report on for The Monroe Evening News. You’ll find a lot of pageant and social media chatter there, for example.
  • My reporter Google+ account. I don’t post a lot to this feed, it’s mostly to watch and read. The chatter is on social media and general topics.
  • LinkedIn. All the usual professional stuff and resume credits can be found on that page.
  • MonroeTalks forums. This is a reader forum that launched in 2006, hosted by The Monroe Evening News. Most of our reader chatter has since moved to Facebook. But in the archives, you’ll find examples of me doing what would be called today “community manager” and what I called “social media liaison” at the time.

The social media avatars will either be a girl reading a newspaper, my blog logo of a coupon-clipping gal, or my press photo.

I also am one of The Monroe Evening News’ social media team members, which means some of what I do in the digital world is via the newsroom accounts.


Updated July 15, 2013.

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