Here are the Monroe on a Budget “best of” Christmas season tips.

My archives include a mix of religious and secular traditions, reflecting how the holiday season is observed in Monroe County, Mich., and also how we observe the season in my family.


More ideas: My Advent calendar board on Pinterest.


Cookies, baked goods and recipes

Charities and donations

Christmas history


Faith traditions

Financial assistance

Gifts and shopping

Greeting cards, wrapping paper and bows



This is my Christmas morning table setting. It looks expensive, but really is not. The tablecloth was hand stitched by my grandmother more than 25 years ago. The dishes were purchased by me or by my mother over several years, a couple of pieces at a time. The flatware was not an expensive set, but it was chosen to go with these dishes rather than my everyday dishes.

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Updated Dec. 26, 2013.

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