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A day for fathers

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Yes, daddy’s get their day too.  For it took a daddy to make us mommies and to create our most precious gifts.  So I wish all you dads a Happy Father’s Day (especially those who read my blog) and I hope you enjoyed your time today with your kiddies.

My husband Aaron celebrates his third Father’s Day this year with our two little ones.  I’m sure he can tell all you coaches/dads-to-be out there that nothing humbles you more than seeing and sharing in the birth of your baby, nothing lifts you up more than hearing “I love you daddy” for the first time and nothing makes you more excited than imagining the person your little one is to become.

My father Jerry came into my life when I was on the brink of my teen years and he was my friend, my teacher and my protector (I remember him offering to beat up my high school boyfriend when he broke up with me) even before he officially became my step-father.  He’s not perfect but he’s been a great influence on what it takes to be a good husband and parent and he also is a great poppa (pull my finger).  I love you Pops and I am thankful for you.


“The most important thing a father can do
for his children is to love their mother.”
~~Author Unknown

“Fathers, like mothers, are not born.
Men grow into fathers-
and fathering is
a very important stage in their development.”
~~By David M. Gottesman.~~

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.”
~~By William Shakespeare (1564-1616)~~

“It doesn’t matter who my father was;
it matters who I remember he was.”
~~By Anne Sexton (1928-1974) U.S. poet.~~

“I cannot think of any need in childhood
as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
~~By Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)~~

“The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God, and I call him Dad!”
~~Author Unknown.

Daddy’s Footsteps  Author unknown

“Walk a little slower, Daddy”,
Said a little child so small.
“I’m following in your footsteps,
And I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast, 
Sometimes they’re hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I’m all grown up, 
You’re what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who’ll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right, 
And know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you.”