Mark Farris & Shiloh Stevens Bring Their Irrational Fears to Monroe


In today’s Monroe News Article “Searching for Truth,” Shiloh Stevens and Mark Farris are quoted as saying they believe there is a conspiracy theory behind the 911 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center Towers.  Quoting MN: “Mark Farris of Monroe had a theory about the Pentagon videos. “It was probably a cruise missile that went off (by the U.S.) and they didn’t want anyone to see that,” he said. “They did it so they could justify attacking Iraq.”” 

“Probably that happened?” You have got to be kidding me!   

Here’s the “thinking”: 

  1. Probably a cruise missile sent by the U.S. hit the Pentagon.
  2. The U.S. government didn’t want people to see that.
  3. So, they suppressed the videos, which actually showed a cruise missile hitting the Pentagon. (That’s why we have not seen any more videos of the incident.)
  4. The motive: The U.S. did this deliberately to justify attacking Iraq!

Right.  So – what then happened to flight 77 and the 60 passengers on board 77? Probably they’re now in Area 51.  This is the kind of “reasoning” that emerges when one is paranoid about government. Farris’s willingness to believe an urban legend like this is in inverse proportion to his trust in President Bush. It’s simply a function of that, nothing more. 

Quoting MN: “Another hot topic of discussion was the World Trade Center towers. Mr. Stevens said that a fire has never caused a steel frame building to collapse, especially in a vertical collapse at a freefall speed. “A professor (Steve Jones of Brigham Young University) did research on the building. He found thermate. It’s the same thing they use in controlled demolitions,” he said. Esther Thompson, Mr. Stevens’s mother, is concerned about the alleged deception and lies by the government. She believes it will eventually lead to a loss of Americans’ rights.” According to Jones (and, it seems, Stevens, who has bought into this), the WTC collapsed because of a controlled demolition, not as a result of being hit by a huge airliner. The destruction of the towers was actually not caused by Al-Qaeda terrorists, but was an “inside job.”   Here, it seems, is the “reasoning”: 

  1. Yes, big airplanes hit the WTC.
  2. But the WTC did not collapse because they were hit by big airplanes.
  3. The WTC collapsed because someone planned a controlled demolition of the WTC. (“Someone” = President Bush. Therefore, be very afraid.)

I now feel sorry for Stevens’s mother, who has taken on the irrational fears of her son. I want to tell her that she need not worry, because Steven Jones’s conspiracy theory has been thoroughly rejected and debunked. She need not go free-falling down the slippery slope her son has created with his logically fallacious reasoning.

For a thorough, rational debunking of these fear-myths see, e.g., Popular Mechanics here. 

One more MN quote: “Shiloh Stevens is fed up with the U.S. government. Alleging that the government deliberately covered up details surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Erie resident wanted to share his opinion. “I just want to make people think,” he said. “There are a lot of questions.”” 

This kind of “thinking” should not make you afraid of anything except this kind of thinking. Avoid it.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you John! I only wish as many people were able to read your article, as read the delusional rantings of the Farris and Stevens government conspiracy club.


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