The Colorado Rockies Have a Lot of Jesus-Followers

Today’s New York Times has a nice article on the number of Jesus-followers that play on the Colorado Rockies, and the role of faith on the team. General Manager Dan O’Dowd is a Jesus-follower, and says that his faith has “guided him to find players with integrity and strong moral values, regardless of their religious preference.”

O’Dowd continues: “Do we like players with character? There is absolutely no doubt about that. If people want to interpret character as a religious-based issue because it appears many times in the Bible, that’s their decision. I believe that character is an innate part of developing an organization, and to me, it is nothing more than doing the right thing at the right time when nobody’s looking. Nothing more complicated than that. You don’t have to be a Christian to make that decision.”

Does following Jesus mean a team will win more games becaue God is on their side? I think not. All God really cares about is His Kingdom and its advancement. “The Rockies, who will face the Red Sox in the World Series beginning Wednesday, care more about whether a teammate plays hard, is unselfish and treats everyone with respect.”

I agree. When I decided to be a follower of Jesus God began to reform my character into Christlikeness. A lot of change has happened in me. And a lot more is needed. I remain eternally thankful to God that he rescued me out of an almost-total ego-centeredness and showed me how to give my life away for others. I’d love to play on a team like that. And I love being in a church like that.

 (The picture is of some leaves that were in a puddle on my driveway this morning.)

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