Your Marriage CAN Be Saved: #10

(Plank Road)

Renner’s ninth thing a husband should never do is this.

“Never dishonor your wife in front of your children. She is their mother, and they need to be taught to respect and honor her. If you treat your wife like a joke in front of the kids, they will treat her in the same way. Dishonoring her and arguing with her before the children discredits her in their eyes. Do you want her to scold you and rebuke you in fron of your children? Wouldn’t you prefer that she express her disagreements with you in private? Then show her the same consideration that you want her to show you.”

When Linda and I meet a man who disrespects women it is almost always the case that he saw his own father openly disrespected his mother.

(Over a period of 37 years Linda and I have counseled several hundred marriages in a variety of situations ranging from “need a tune-up” to “in cardiac arrest.” While we have at times wondered if a certain marriage would make it, we admit to having never met a marriage that we thought could not be saved and made better.)