Your Marriage CAN Be Saved: #11


Renner’s tenth thing a husband should never do is this.

“Never forget your wife’s birthday or wedding anniversary! Excuse me for repeating this point, but it’s important. Men who consistently forget these two important dates and yet expect their marriage relationship to stay healthy are either ignorant or stupid. These are special dates in your wife’s mind. Remembering her birthday tells you that you are thinking of her. Remembering your wedding anniversary tells you that you deeply care about your relationship with her.”

(Over a period of 37 years Linda and I have counseled several hundred marriages in a variety of situations ranging from “need a tune-up” to “in cardiac arrest.” While we have at times wondered if a certain marriage would make it, we admit to having never met a marriage that we thought could not be saved and made better.)

4 thoughts on “Your Marriage CAN Be Saved: #11

  1. Couldn’t you do one or the other? Do you have to do both!??? ….Just joking. If its important to them…it becomes important to you…whatever it is.

  2. Pastor John:

    Thanks so much for sharing all ten of these “tips” with us. While at first glance this seems to be common sense knowledge, at times our desire to be “funny” or “the center of attention” results in us doing so at the expense of the one we love most. This is a great reminder! I’ll be sharing this with others.

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