Jesus-Followers Are the “New Internationalists”

Jesus-Followers Are the “New Internationalists”

In yesterday’s columnist Nicholas Kristof applauds Richard Stearns and World Vision for “doing superb work on issues from human trafficking in India to mass rape in Congo.” World Vision is “the largest U.S.-based international relief and development organization.” Kristof, who is no special fan of conservative Christianity, applauds the work and visionary writing of Stearns. Evangelicals, thanks to Stearns and World Vision and groups like it, have become “the new internationalists,” replacing “Democrats and liberals.”

Stearns is the author of the phenomenal The Hole In Our Gospel. Read it to have your world rocked.

Kristof has written a follow-up to his essay, clarifying some things. He has already received (as I write) 223 comments on the original essay.

Here in Monroe we’re part of Godworks, a Soup Kitchen and coming Food Pantry that provides meals every day in our community. Plus in my church we’re doing a lot of things like helping girls get out of sex-trafficking to assisting unwed mothers. So when I hear Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris tell me that religion is intrinsically evil I wonder what planet they are living on. Kristof’s essay does some more debunking of the Dawkins-Harris myth.

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  1. Hi Pastor John, I watched The Reporter, a documentary on Kristof on Saturday night! It made me think a lot and I really understood what he was saying when he spoke of psychic numbing. I have always been so interested in helping others who are hurting but there is an overwhelming feeling of “how can I help so many who hurt so deeply”? I have felt this really since I was a child. Many people then go into a numb state do to the number of people who need help, as I myself have many times. For me Jesus stepped in and spoke reassuringly to me. He, through the words he has given and observing other Christians acting as the body of Christ, has allowed me to see that I need not feel overwhelmed but help at each possible chance. Most of all to be able to lay my heavy heart at Christ’s feet and He then takes over and lightens our load. I don’t know if that makes sense but I was jus excited to see your post about Kristof and Stearns today. I really love what World Vision does, and respect the people like Kristof who write such really honest observations of the marginalized and hurting people in this world. I am glad for people seeing through the lies of the world to the truth of what real Christ followers look like!

  2. Thank you Mary. Have you read Robert Stearns’s book The Hole In the Gospel yet? I think you would love it!

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