Trust As the Cure for Anxiety & Fear

Trust As the Cure for Anxiety & Fear

I’ve had the office chair I am now sitting in for 17 years. I trust it. I trust that it will hold me. Therefore I have no anxiety in regard to it. Where there is complete trust, one finds no anxiety. It would be contradictory to say “I trust this chair I’m sitting in, but am afraid it won’t hold me.” Where there is trust, there is no fear.

There are objects of significant trust, and objects of insignificant trust. Objects of significant trust affect me; objects of insignificant trust have no effect on me. I may not trust the motives of Tiger Woods, but my mistrust does not cause me anxiety or fear because I am unaffected by his actions. But I do not trust where the economy is heading, and may wonder whether or not I will have sufficient funds to meet my needs in retirement. This can breed anxiety and fear. Indeed, some people take their lives over this one. I am significantly affected by economic conditions, and these conditions are largely out of my control. To not have control over an object of significant trust can cause fear.

An object of significant trust is so because of its affect on me. If my office chair falls apart while I am sitting in it, I am affected. If, on the other side of the world, someone’s office chair just broke and a person fell on their tailbone, I can be sympathetic if I hear of this, but I will not be anxious or fearful in regard to it. But if that person is my son, I may feel anxious.

Do you find yourself mostly filled with anxiety and fear? The reason is: you do not *trust. In life, I have placed my trust in God. I do this daily, even hourly. The result of doing this for forty years now has been a life of less fear and anxiety. I’m not saying I never freak out about something. I am saying that when I do freak out, it’s a certainty that I am not trusting.

I believe there is a cumulative effect that results from a lifetime of trusting in God. A psychological confidence, even certitude, emerges. It is like the confidence one gains as a result of sitting in the same office chair for 17 years and finding that, through it all, it still holds.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge God. And God will make straight your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

*I recognize that there are clinical conditions that neurophysically cause anxiety and fear. The antidote for such conditions may be medications. But even when medications stabilize a person’s emotions, issues of trust still remain. Medication will not help a person when the only chair they have keeps breaking. The antidote then becomes: find another chair to place your trust in and your posterior on.

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