10 Warning Signs That You Are Doing Well

10. You are using the word “No” when pressured to say yes. 

9. You are speaking soft words instead of harsh words that come to mind.

8. You are following Jesus into situations where there is personal risk. 

7. You are making right choices rather than utilitarian ones.

6. You have been going out of your way to be nice to people.

5. You are noticing God’s active presence in circumstances that normally feel like a waste of time.

4. You are experiencing inner togetherness in the midst of outer chaos. 

3. You are having hard-to-describe positive sensations that transcend mere happiness. 

2. You have been feeling compassion towards people who dislike you.

1. You have been catching yourself humming worship songs to God.



Fall 2014

Redeemer Fellowship Church

5305 Evergreen, Monroe, MI  734-242-5277

Instructor: John Piippo

Contact information: johnpiippo@msn.com;

Website: johnpiippo.com

Course dates: Sunday nights Sept. 14 through Nov. 30. No class September 21.

Course times: Sundays, 6-8 PM


This course will teach students a biblical theology of praying. My book Praying: An Experiment in the Continuous tense will be used in class (first draft manuscript). Practical application will include committing to praying for 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week. Class sessions will involve: 1) sharing about your individual praying experiences; 2) teaching and discussion based on the book; and 3) times of group praying.


Students will attend class sessions.

Students will purchase a xeroxed copy of John’s book manuscript for $10. (If you cannot afford this please let me know – I don’t want who wants to take the class to be denied because of this expense.)

Students will read the assigned readings for each class.

Students will commit to praying, 30-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, through November 30.

Students will keep a spiritual journal during their prayer times. The spiritual journal is a record of the voice and activity of God in their life.

Students will write a 1-2 page summary of their prayer experience and submit it to me on the last day of class. You can either give me a hard copy or send it as a file by email.