The Greater Good

The concept of the greater good has always been active in this country.  It does feel a little like moral relativism, but it is also a call to citizens to sacrifice their own individual goals for the benefit of a larger goal shared by a greater number of people.

Where this gets tough, however, is when the concept of the greater good bumps into what some people consider a moral absolute.  War is an example of that.  The current conflict in Iraq failed the Catholic Church’s “just war” standard and so it has been condemned by the US bishops and the Pope.  Still, many Catholics are serving in Iraq because they feel that their duty to their country is more important than their obligation to obey their church leaders.

Here’s another example that might hit a little closer to home for some. 

New studies indicate that the number of abortions in this country have dropped to its lowest level since 1974.  Some are suggesting that it is an answer to prayer.  When you look more closely, however, many believe that it is the result of relatively easy access to the “morning after” RU-486 pill.

So here’s the greater good thought exercise.

If it is true that easy access to RU-486 does dramatically reduce the need for the more invasive and expensive later term abortion, are those who oppose abortion also going to continue to oppose RU-486?

Roughly a third of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, most during the first three months.  This drug is generally prescribed during the first two months and induces the same sort of miscarriage.

So what is the greater good here?  A pharmaceutical solution to unwanted pregnancies which may be reducing demand for physician-performed abortions, or the fact that for some, any intentionally terminated pregnancy is unacceptable.

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