Double-Minded Man

“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8 

I continue to marvel at how well our political system seems to be working this year.  The voting public appears to be taking their responsibilities seriously.  They consistently demonstrate that they are going to make their decisions based on solid analysis of the candidates rather than the opinions of experts. 

The buzz word for this election cycle appears to be “authenticity”.  This is just another word for character and integrity. 

The latest candidate to fail this test is Mitt Romney.  In his case, it wasn’t because he was a bad guy.  From everyone that I’ve talked with, in his personal life, he is everything that he appears to be – a good husband, father, Mormon, and public servant.  The problem is that his ambition for public office led him to listen to his advisors regarding his public positions.  His clumsy attempts to appeal to the conservative wing of the Republican party made him appear opportunistic and hypocritical. 

The moderates and independents flocked to John McCain and the religious conservatives embraced Mike Huckabee.  Romney lost in a character contest to McCain.  He lost in a conservative religious contest to Huckabee.  He was vulnerable to attacks from both on his movement on the issues. 

Pundits are saying that Romney’s strategic error was to position himself for a fight against Giuliani which never materialized.  I think his strategic error was his fear that he had to become someone else in order to be elected.   

It is doubtful that Huckabee is going to be able to mount much of a campaign against John McCain, but stranger things have already happened, so it’s probably best to continue to let the rest of the primaries play themselves out. For his part, Romney will have at least four years to contemplate the mistakes that he made this time around.  If the Democrats win in November, I’m confident that we will see Mitt take another run at the Republican nomination in four years.  It will be interesting to see what he does over that time to improve his credibility with the voters.

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