Winning the Culture Wars

American’s are rejecting organized religion because they view it as the source of conflict rather than the source of reconciliation.

I’ve predicted in past posts that our children will resolve conflicts that we created and failed to resolve.

It is now becoming clear how they are going to do that.

They are abandoning traditional church-based religion.

They retain their belief in God, but they reject how organized religion has taken that belief and attempted to turn it into political power.

They reject the conflicts of their parents and view churches as associated with those conflicts.

They don’t want to be told by others what God says and don’t trust those who claim to speak for God.

The good news is that they are going to figure this out for themselves.

The bad news is that those of us who would like a say in the outcome are going to become increasingly frustrated and marginalized. We won’t be invited to participate because we have already demonstrated that we are unable to compromise.

This new generation is searching for a new vision of the country that they all can share. They are going to be willing to compromise on all of the BIG issues that have fractured the country under the Baby Boomer generation of leaders. The sorts of passionate debates that have fueled the culture wars are rejected by this new generation of leaders. They not only will reject it, but the whole concept of single issue politics will be viewed as inappropriate, counter productive, and unpatriotic.

The most recent example of this was the Facebook poll asking for a vote on assassinating Obama. Most of those who didn’t read too deeply thought it yet another example of conservative backlash to a popular liberal President. Turns out that it was a prank by a teenager intended to parody the extreme positions revealed in the current healthcare debate. The younger generation is trying to hold a mirror up to their elders in hopes that we will see how ugly we’ve become in their eyes.

So the culture wars will end in the way that most modern wars end these days. No one wins. Forces disengage in some messy ungraceful way. Both sides declare victory. Life goes on. At some point in the future, we celebrate the veterans who personally sacrificed. Our kids also quietly rewrite the history of this sacrifice to fit their new view of themselves.

11 Responses to “Winning the Culture Wars”

  1. keith says:

    The case against Abortion without using the bible or God

  2. Jeff Beamsley says:

    This is not a unbiased view of the issues. Rather it is an attempt by someone who already is a pro-life advocate to rebut the current set of precidents that have made abortion legal.

    Rather than go through this is the detail that it deserves, I’ll simply refer you to a rebuttal of the book that is also well reasoned.

    It won’t convince you to change your position any more than Mr. Beckwith’s book convinced me to change my position.

    QED. We aren’t going to solve this problem. Our kids will and we won’t like it.

  3. keith says:

    to the point americans are rejecting organized religon….is your church growing? mine is…..i’ve moved a few times over the last eleven years and the four churches i’ve attended have grown…

  4. Jeff Beamsley says:


    I’m happy that your church is growing. The article wasn’t about your church, but all of the young people who aren’t going to your church or any other church.

    The fact that your personal experience doesn’t allign with the study does not invalidate the study.

  5. keith says:

    is your church growing?

  6. keith says:

    Hey Jeff,

    #1 Is your church growing…that is a relivent question.


    If the articule is true and the guy did do it, you would be in favor
    of this man going free as an unborn child can not be murdered.

  7. Jeff Beamsley says:


    It’s difficult for me to answer that question because I think about “church” and “growing” from a spiritual rather than a material perspective. We have a building and regular services, but what is more important is if we are growing spiritually and if our community is benefiting from our prayers. Our church has been active in our community since the early 1900’s. I believe that the current members are growing spiritually and we seem to be attracting new members from the community. Without that spritiual growth, it wouldn’t matter if the church were filled to overflowing for every service. It would be a failure.

    As far as whether someone can be tried for the death of a fetus, I think the answer in most states is yes. That doesn’t mean that the law automatically recognizes that fetus as a person.

  8. keith says:

    The best example of church growth would be the frist few chapters of the book of Acts.

    If a person can be charged with murder for the unborn baby….then it has to be a life. to call it anything else would require mental gymnastics. the law must regard it as one or the other.

  9. Jeff Beamsley says:

    At least here in Michigan, you can be tried for manslaughter for killing a fetus, but the fetus has to be viable, which means that it could survive out of womb. There are other laws which are also felonies for causing damage to a fetus, but not in the same class a killing a person.

    Illinois might be a better choice for you. There the same laws about murder apply to a fetus as apply to a person, but a fetus is not legally a person.

    I realize that this doesn’t fit with your world view, but it is the law which both judges and lawyers seem to be able to interpret just fine.

  10. keith says:

    It aboslutely fits my world view and thank you for making my case. If this child in the womb weren’t a child…or just a clump of “mass” then no charges of any kind could be made. However…EVERYONE recognizes that what is in there isn’t just a “mass of something.” All of this supports my view that there is a LIFE inside the mother….and Murder is being commited when another takes the unborn childs life.

  11. Jeff Beamsley says:

    I’ll take one more run at this.

    There is certainly some recognition in the courts that a fetus is something more than a clumb of mass but also something less than a person.

    No court in this country recognizes a fetus that can’t survive outside the womb as a person.

    A person has a whole set of legal rights that a fetus doesn’t.

    Just because a fetus may be treated in some particular ways in the same ways as a person does not make that fetus a person under the law.

    A dog may be listed on a will as a beneficiary in some of the same ways that a person can. It does not automatically mean that in the eyes of the law a dog is a person.

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