Open Letter to Obama Critics

This is an open letter to all those who have criticized President Obama’s visit to Newtown, CT.

Some characterized it as a publicity stunt. Some suggested that it was evidence that he was a poor leader shirking his Washington DC duties. Some felt it was hypocritical to express such sorrow over the deaths of these innocents while supporting things like abortion or drone strikes. Some have even suggested that this is part of a larger government conspiracy to take away our guns and leave us vulnerable to invasion by the UN.

If you have entertained or expressed any of these opinions, this is not day for them. Pick another day in another week. But not this day, not this week.

Are you REALLY that cynical and heartless? Have you become so twisted by your hatred of this one man that you are blind to the purpose of his visit?

It isn’t always about you and your issues, and it isn’t always about politics.

This was a NATIONAL tragedy. It tore at the fabric of our society by suggesting that we can’t protect those that we cherish most, those that are most vulnerable.

President Obama was there carrying out his highest duty, which is representing us.

He carried our collective sorrow with him to CT. He was there to represent the empathy that we all feel for those who are grieving. He was there to offer help to those that survived, but now have to learn to live with loss. He was there to give voice to the questions we all have about what can be done to bring an end to these massacres.

This event demands more than a few days of headlines and news reports. It requires more than a moment of silence. In fact silence on the underlying issues of violence and mental illness and easy access to weapons designed to quickly kill large numbers of people lulled all of us into a false sense of security.

He was there to promise that we aren’t going to let this incident fade from our memory as so many others have. He was there to express our collective outrage that this is enough. We are better than this. We are more responsible than this. We are not going to allow our country to deteriorate into armed enclaves and raise a generation of kids who are afraid to set foot outside their door. We have to have a higher concept of freedom than the mutually assured destruction of the wild west or the false security of a police state.

Yet for you, this was just another opportunity to express some petty partisan political snipe.

Shame on you!



2 Responses to “Open Letter to Obama Critics”

  1. Keith says:

    I agree. Who did?

  2. Jeff Beamsley says:

    Mr. Obama, I understand that a photo op is a photo op but can’t you let these folks grieve in peace instead of making this about you.? I’m sure you can go on Letterman again, or 20/20, or the View, or Conan or Leno etc etc etc……. for your media fix for the day!!! I do understand the need for presidential appearances is many cases, however; do you really have to take away these people’s right to privacy so you can continue your need for attention. Were you a Kardashian in another life!!!!! Obama Tv is very boring, get over yourself already.

    “We have to come together.” (Obama quote). Doesn’t this clueless hypocrite realize that he is the greatest contributing source to our great divide?! HE really, really needs to start practicing what he preaches.

    While my heart and condolences go out to the impacted families (including the loss of Puerto Rican blood); someone needs to tell Mr. Obama that the election is over.

    angryspittle • 3 days ago
    Fucking hypocrite. How many fucking kids have our drone attacks killed? Are they less worthy?

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